Services and Price List*
Boarding (includes use of trails)
FULL BOARD is $475.00 per month
Full Boarding includes:

  • feeding twice per day
  • mucking stalls daily
  • 2 clean water buckets daily
  • turning in/out based on season
  • holding for vet and farrier
  • blanketing
  • applying owner provided fly spray, fly masks, boots, muzzles
  • administering minor first aid

PASTURE BOARD is $330.00 per month (Limited Availability)
Pasture Boarding is taken on case-by-case basis and includes:

  • feeding twice per day
  • application of owner-provided fly spray, boots, muzzles
  • holding for vet/farrier.

SELF CARE STALL Board is available to approved owners with shavings included.

LAY UP BOARD is $530.00 per month

Lay Up Board is for stall rest lay-up and/or rehabilitation and includes:

  • all Full Board benefits
  • administering owner and/or vet ordered medical treatment
  • cleaning stall twice daily
  • water buckets filled and dumped as necessary

Horse Leasing (Damistia Owned Horse/Pony)
Partial Horse Leasing (2-3 days/week) is $175.00 Per Month + ½ farrier + ½ vet bills
Full Horse Leasing (4-5 days/week) is $235.00 Per Month + ½ farrier + ½ vet bills

Use of Arena (non-boarders):  $10 per use, with lights $15

Outside Trainer Fee is $10 per student/per lesson (trainer must provide proof of insurance)

Use of Trails is $10 per day (non-boarders with their own horse)

Other Services
Exercising by Misty Spivey-by appointment only is $15 for 30 minutes; Two Horses:  $25 for 1 hour
Foot Soaking:  $10 for one foot, $15 for two feet; owner provides epsom salts
Foot Wrapping:  $5 per foot; , owner provides supplies

Damistia Horse Haven

All feed provided by Damistia will be Purina (Strategy, Senior, Senior Active, Enrich 32).
We will bring your horse into a stall with 30 minutes notice.
$25 discount after first month’s paid full board.

Multiple horse discount:  $25 per horse for Full Board only, discount applies after first horse.

*Prices Subject to change.